Honestly, things are a little hazy, but this is how we think it happened…

In the blazing heat of a long Texas summer, an everyday sesh erupted into a brainstorm.  Why not celebrate marijuana culture through clothing and apparel?  We had connections with locals in the industry and were eager to showcase our style…our seed was planted.

Our roots run deep in music, art, entertainment, marijuana, and our planet earth.  Texas Herbal Clothing Designs aims to celebrate each of these themes with one love.  Why not spark a change with the threads we use every day?  THC Designs sprouted.

We shed some light on the idea, and it flourished.  We want to create apparel in support of musicians, artists, entertainers, and our beautiful planet.  Our main focus is providing responsible products that reflect these interests while inspiring you at the same time.  This is what makes our stash unique.  

We invite you to join our circle, as great minds will certainly help us grow.  What do you see in Texas Herbal Clothing Designs?  Contact us at getconnected@thcdesigns.com  We welcome any input and are eager to hear from you!

-Thank you